by Gina Ortega

Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most essential aspects of a successful company. Marketing is what physically attracts consumers to a product or company. Many people do not realize that the content converting potential customers to retained consumers is directly linked to how successful companies’ marketing is. 

In the rise of the social media age, it is no secret that millennials have taken marketing by the jugular and completely transformed how it is utilized. Their inherent understanding of the digital age has forced companies to reevaluate their approach to engaging potential customers. 


Knowing this, I went directly to the source and asked five Villanova University Marketing and Public Relations students why marketing is so pivotal to the success of a company. 

I asked each of these women the same question: 



“Now more than ever, it’s crucial that companies approach their marketing strategy with authenticity, transparency, and accountability. Being sure that your company's infrastructure reflects the same values as your external messaging adds an element of loyalty and legitimacy to a business. Now is the time to take a deeper look at your brand values and how they are being executed, and communicate how you plan to improve them for the future. Doing this allows for more intentional marketing, which any customer values, even if they don’t realize it.” - Kaila Mathis, Villanova University ‘21

“Marketing is a significant agent in influencing our perceptions of life, and most people don’t realize that what they are attracted to is a direct result of successful marketing. When digital marketing is correctly utilized, the company has developed goals for itself and its customers, allowing them to not only meet expectations but exceed them. Digital marketing is a craft [that requires] a fine-tuned strategy. Recognizing how influential digital marketing can be for a company automatically takes a business to the next level.” - Mimi Feteiha, Villanova University ‘21

“I think marketing is a vital part of any business. It’s where the customers are given a first look into the brand the company is trying to build. Ultimately, marketing, along with advertising, are crucial in transitioning consumers from the stage of potential customers to returning consumers.” - Annie O’Connor, Villanova University ‘21

“Social media and digital marketing are crucial for growing a business, maintaining a brand, and advocacy efforts. Consistently posting on social platforms helps to spread the word about your brand or your message and allows you to share information to so many different audiences. Understanding the benefits of marketing, learning the ropes, and becoming certified in software such as HubSpot have completely altered me as a professional.” - Jess Shangle, Villanova University ‘20

“It is incredibly important for brands to invest in content marketing that provides value to the target audience. In other words, the goal is to not be the interruption but to rather be the content that people search for and want to watch. Companies that do this successfully see a transformation in who they attract. Customers are more likely to return, spread the word, and intrigue other consumers interested in a similar service or product.” - Molly Postupak, Villanova University ‘21 


These five students from Villanova University all focused on one primary aspect of marketing—it attracts the consumer.  When digital marketing is done right, both parties benefit. The company is able to attract customers who value the same interests and goals. 

Marketing is incredibly fast-paced and ever-changing, and it is incredibly important to consider what the next generation of professionals value when making business-related choices. Students across the world are absorbing information that will change how businesses run in the future. Their opinion matters, and their perspective allows for growth and inspiration.

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